This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Web Applications (How Do I in Visual Basic)

This page links to help on widely used Visual Basic tasks for creating Web applications. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual Basic.

What's New in ASP.NET and Web Development

Describes Visual Web Developer, which is a set of tools and utilities for creating ASP.NET Web applications.

Walkthrough: Creating a Basic Web Page in Visual Web Developer

Provides a first-time introduction to creating and editing an ASP.NET Web page in Visual Studio, including an overview of the Web development environment.

Walkthrough: Basic HTML Editing in Visual Web Developer

Introduces you to the HTML editing features of Visual Web Developer.

Walkthrough: Debugging Web Pages in Visual Web Developer

Provides an overview of how to use the debugger with Web pages.

How to: Validate Required Entries for ASP.NET Server Controls

Shows how to specify that a user must provide information in a specific control by adding a RequiredFieldValidator control to the page and linking it to the required control.

How to: Respond to User Selection in a CheckBox Web Server Control

Gives directions for writing an event handler that responds directly when the user clicks an individual CheckBox control.

How to: Determine the Selection in List Web Server Controls

Gives directions for getting three values associated with a list selection: the selection's index value; the text (display value) of the selection; and the value, if any, of the selection.

How to: Allow Users to Select Items in DataList Web Server Controls

Gives directions for providing a Select button that users can click to highlight an item.

How to: Add Rows and Cells Dynamically to a Table Web Server Control

Gives directions for creating rows and cells for a Table control at run time.

How to: Add Controls to an ASP.NET Web Page Programmatically

Uses a dropdown list change event to add labels to a Web Forms page at run time.

How to: Add Client Script Dynamically to ASP.NET Web Pages

Provides information on how to use server code to programmatically add client script to a page.

Walkthrough: Publishing a Web Site

Provides a guided tour of compiling a Web site into assemblies that can be deployed to a Web server.

Walkthrough: Copying a Web Site Using the Copy Web Site Tool

Provides a guided tour of creating a Web site and copying the files to a production Web server.

How to: Create Content Pages for an ASP.NET Master Page

Provides instructions for creating a content page, which is an ASP.NET Web page that is associated with a master page.

How to: Pass Values Between ASP.NET Web Pages

Provides information on what to do if your application redirects (navigates) from one ASP.NET Web page to another, and you want to pass information from the source page to the target page.

How to: Redirect Users to Another Page

Provides instruction to redirect users from one ASP.NET Web page to another page.

How to: Reference ASP.NET Master Page Content

Shows using code in content pages to reference properties, methods, and controls in the master page, with some restrictions.

How to: Apply ASP.NET Themes

Shows how to set a theme at the application level and page level.

Types of Validation for ASP.NET Server Controls

Lists the types of validation controls available and how you can use them.

Walkthrough: Creating Master/Detail Web Pages in Visual Studio

Shows you various ways to work with data in multiple controls and from multiple tables, including those that have a master-detail relationship.

Walkthrough: Creating Reusable Elements with ASP.NET User Controls

Shows how to create an ASP.NET user control that acts as a picker control—the control consists of two list boxes, with a set of choices in one list box (the source).

Walkthrough: Customizing a Web Site Using Themes in Visual Studio

Illustrates how to use themes to apply a consistent look to pages and controls in your Web site.

Walkthrough: Integrating ASP.NET Tracing with System.Diagnostics Tracing

Describes how to integrate ASP.NET tracing techniques with System.Diagnostics tracing techniques, and write all trace messages to a single tracing output.

Walkthrough: Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET

Demonstrates an effective way to create localized Web pages, using resources for your page's text and controls based on the user's language and culture.

Walkthrough: Creating a Web Parts Page

Demonstrates the essential components and tasks for working with Web Parts in a visual designer such as Visual Studio.

Web Project Conversion from Visual Studio .NET

Includes information about conversion from Visual Studio 2003 .NET projects.

Troubleshooting Conversion to Visual Web Developer

Describes situations and suggests solutions for those circumstances in which under your Web applications will behave differently after conversion than they did before.