This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debug and Test (How Do I in Visual Basic)

This page links to Help on widely used Visual Basic building, debugging and testing tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual Basic.

Walkthrough: Debugging a Windows Form

Demonstrates debugging a Windows Forms application.

Walkthrough: Debugging a Web Form

Demonstrates debugging a Web form.

Walkthrough: Debugging an XML Web Service

Demonstrates debugging an XML Web Service.

How to: Prepare and Manage Builds

Explains how to set the build order and save options, and build or rebuild a solution or project.

How to: Manage Build Configurations with Visual Basic Developer Settings Applied

Explains how to create and edit build configuration information in Visual Basic.

How to: Configure Projects to Target Platforms

Explains how to configure a project to target a specific platform.

Debugging Your Visual Basic Application

Provides pointers to documentation for the debugging features built into Visual Studio.

How to: Start Execution

Gives directions on how to start debugging.

How to: Step Into Code

Explains how to execute code line by line.

How to: Use the Processes Window

Demonstrates how to get started with the Processes window.

How to: Set a Simple Breakpoint

Shows how to pause an application at a certain point.

How to: Use the QuickWatch Dialog Box

Shows a fast way to look at and evaluate variables and expressions.

How to: Apply Edits in Break Mode with Edit and Continue

Explains how to edit your code in Break mode, and then continue without stopping and restarting execution.

How to: Correct Run-Time Errors with the Exception Assistant

Explains how to access troubleshooting tips when your code encounters an exception.

How to: Debug a Partial Trust Application

Demonstrates how to debug a partial trust application that you plan to deploy with ClickOnce.

How to: Compile and Run a Project in Visual Basic

Describes your options for compiling and running from within the development environment.

Detecting and Correcting Managed Code Defects

Provides pointers to using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Edition for Developers to detect and correct code defects.

Walkthrough: Exploring Event Logs, Event Sources, and Entries

Demonstrates how your applications and components can record information about important events. You can use these records to audit access to your system, troubleshoot problems, and re-create usage patterns.

How to: Trace Code in an Application

Describes the major steps involved in instrumentation and tracing.

How to: Compile Conditionally with Trace and Debug

Gives directions for including tracing options in compiled applications.