How to: Use the Class Library for the .NET Compact Framework 

You can use different methods to obtain class library information that is specific to the .NET Compact Framework:

  • Enable specific filters provided in the local Help viewers.

  • Refer to platform and version information included with the documentation for individual types and members.

The local Help viewer filters allow you to easily determine which namespaces, types, and members are supported by the .NET Compact Framework. Note that these filters are available only in the local Help viewer of the .NET Framework SDK or Visual Studio 2005 Combined Help Collection.

In addition to the local Help viewer filters, several sections in the type and member topics provide information on device platforms supported, platform version support, and, in some cases, platform-specific behavior. The Platforms section lists Windows Mobile for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile for Smartphone, and Windows CE. Windows CE includes devices running Windows CE that are not Pocket PCs or Smartphones. The Version Information section indicates which version of the .NET Compact Framework supports a particular type or member. At the end of the Remarks section, you will find any platform notes that may apply, such as how a particular method operates on a mobile device platform.

For a list of all device platforms and platform versions supported by the .NET Compact Framework, see Supported Devices and Platforms.

.NET Compact Framework and Smart Device Development Filters

The filter you can use to show which namespaces, types and members are supported by the .NET Compact Framework depends on the product you are using.

  • In the .NET Framework SDK, use the .NET Compact Framework filter.

  • In Visual Studio 2005, use the Smart Device Development filter.

The .NET Compact Framework filter and the Smart Device Development filters do the following:

  • Show only the .NET Compact Framework node of guide topics.

  • Show only the namespaces that contain types supported by the .NET Compact Framework.

  • Show only the types in a namespace that are supported by the .NET Compact Framework.

  • Show only .NET Compact Framework supported method and constructor overloads.


In the individual topics for the method and constructor overloads, the mobile device platforms information in the Platforms section is not accurate and will be corrected in future releases.

Note that the Version Information section in the individual topics always correctly indicates .NET Compact Framework support regardless of errors or missing mobile device platforms in the Platforms section.

To use the .NET Compact Framework or Smart Device Development Filter

  • Above the Contents or Index pane in Help, select .NET Compact Framework or Smart Device Development in the Filter by list.

Filtering in Member Summary Topics

In topics that list members for a type, you can view only those members supported by the .NET Compact Framework. Note that the mobile device icon indicates the member is supported by the .NET Compact Framework.

To show only .NET Compact Framework members in member summary topics

  1. In a member summary topic, such as AppDomain Members, click Members Options in the nonscrolling region at the top of the topic.

  2. Select the .NET Compact Framework Members Only check box.

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