How to: Set Pocket PC Input Methods

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The Pocket PC contains a collection of input methods that specify how the user enters text and data. When you set the CurrentInputMethod property for an InputPanel, the method remains in effect until changed by the user.

A Pocket PC has the following input methods, which can vary by manufacturer:

  • Transcriber

  • Keyboard

  • Letter Recognizer

  • Block Recognizer

The InputPanel.InputMethodCollection provides access to the installed input methods on a device. You can identity an input method by either its name or GUID (the Name property or Clsid property).

The following code example sets a preferred input method by matching a specified method with a method in the collection.

foreach (InputMethod m in inputPanel1.InputMethods)
    if (m.Name == "Letter Recognizer")
        inputPanel1.CurrentInputMethod = m;
inputPanel1.Enabled = true;

This example requires references to the following namespaces: