This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Use the HardwareButton Component 

You can configure the hardware buttons on a Pocket PC to activate a Form. This example activates an application with the first and fourth hardware buttons, and indicates in the status bar which button was pressed.

To set a hardware button to activate a form

  1. Create a Pocket PC Windows application.

  2. Create an instance of a HardwareButton.

  3. Set the AssociatedControl property to the form.

  4. Set the HardwareKey property to an application key defined by the HardwareKeys enumeration.

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for additional hardware buttons you want to use.

  6. When a hardware button is pressed and released, the form receives both the KeyDown and KeyUp events. You can use either event to determine if a hardware button was pressed.


This example sets the first and fourth hardware buttons to activate the form. To demonstrate:

  1. Run the application.

  2. Open another application on the device.

  3. Press hardware button 1 or 4 to activate the form of this application. The status bar indicates which hardware button was pressed.

// Configure hardware buttons
// 1 and 4 to activate the current form.
private void HBConfig()
            hwb1 = new HardwareButton();
            hwb4 = new HardwareButton();
            hwb1.AssociatedControl = this;
            hwb4.AssociatedControl = this;
            hwb1.HardwareKey = HardwareKeys.ApplicationKey1;
            hwb4.HardwareKey = HardwareKeys.ApplicationKey4;
        catch (Exception exc)
            MessageBox.Show(exc.Message + " Check if the hardware " +
                "button is physically available on this device.");

// When a hardware button is pressed and released,
// this form receives the KeyUp event. The OnKeyUp
// method is used to determine which hardware
// button was pressed, because the event data
// specifies a member of the HardwareKeys enumeration.
private void OnKeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    switch ((HardwareKeys)e.KeyCode)
        case HardwareKeys.ApplicationKey1:
            statusBar1.Text = "Button 1 pressed.";

        case HardwareKeys.ApplicationKey4:
            statusBar1.Text = "Button 4 pressed.";


Compiling the Code

This example requires references to the following namespaces:

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