This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Get or Set the System Time

To get or set the system time of the device, use platform invoke to call the native GetSystemTime or SetSystemTime functions.

Note that the GetSystemTime function returns Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, also known as Greenwich Mean Time). To get your local time, you must add or subtract the number of hours between your time zone and UTC. For example, 24:00 (midnight) in UTC is 19:00 in New York--an offset of minus 5 hours (UTC–5).

To determine the UTC offset for your time zone, see the Time Zone tab of Date and Time Properties.

Some device emulators do not initially set daylight-saving time correctly, which could affect your result.


This code example defines the following:

  • Platform invoke declarations for the native methods in Windows CE.

  • A structure to pass to and receive from the native methods.

  • A managed method named GetTime, which displays the current time.

  • A managed method named SetTime, which sets the system clock ahead one hour.

private extern static void GetSystemTime(ref SYSTEMTIME lpSystemTime);

private extern static uint SetSystemTime(ref SYSTEMTIME lpSystemTime);

private struct SYSTEMTIME 
    public ushort wYear;
    public ushort wMonth; 
    public ushort wDayOfWeek; 
    public ushort wDay; 
    public ushort wHour; 
    public ushort wMinute; 
    public ushort wSecond; 
    public ushort wMilliseconds; 

private void GetTime()
    // Call the native GetSystemTime method
    // with the defined structure.
    SYSTEMTIME stime = new SYSTEMTIME();
    GetSystemTime(ref stime);
    // Show the current time.           
    MessageBox.Show("Current Time: "  + 
        stime.wHour.ToString() + ":"
        + stime.wMinute.ToString());
private void SetTime()
    // Call the native GetSystemTime method
    // with the defined structure.
    SYSTEMTIME systime = new SYSTEMTIME();
    GetSystemTime(ref systime);
    // Set the system clock ahead one hour.
    systime.wHour = (ushort)(systime.wHour + 1 % 24);
    SetSystemTime(ref systime);
    MessageBox.Show("New time: " + systime.wHour.ToString() + ":"
        + systime.wMinute.ToString());

Compiling the Code

This example requires references to the following namespaces:

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