This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Development Fundamentals

This topic provides links to more information on basic application development tasks in the .NET Framework.

Programming with Application Domains and Assemblies

Describes how to create and work with assemblies and application domains.

Extending Metadata Using Attributes

Describes how you can use attributes to customize metadata.

Working with Base Types

Discusses formatting and parsing base data types and using regular expressions to process text.

Collections and Data Structures

Discusses the various collection types available in the .NET Framework, including stacks, queues, lists, arrays, and structs.

Handling and Raising Events

Provides an overview of the event model in the .NET Framework.

Handling and Throwing Exceptions

Describes error handling provided by the .NET Framework and the fundamentals of handling exceptions.

File and Stream I/O

Explains how you can perform synchronous and asynchronous file and data stream access, and how to use to isolated storage.

Generics in the .NET Framework

Describes the Generics feature, including the generic collections, delegates, and interfaces provided by the .NET Framework. Provides links to feature documentation for C#, Visual Basic and Visual C++, and to supporting technologies such as Reflection.

.NET Framework Core Development

Provides links to information on standard development tasks and techniques in the .NET Framework.

Security in the .NET Framework

Provides links to more information on the classes and services in the common language runtime and the .NET Framework that facilitate secure application development.