Annotated XDR Schemas (Deprecated in SQLXML 4.0)

This section provides information about using annotated XDR schemas

This section is included as a reference for legacy applications. No future development work will be done on this feature. Avoid using this feature in new development work. Instead, use annotated XSD schemas to create XML views. For more information, see Introduction to Annotated XSD Schemas (SQLXML 4.0). You can convert existing annotated XDR schemas to XSD schemas. For more information, see Converting Annotated XDR Schemas to Equivalent XSD Schemas (SQLXML 4.0).

Introduction to Annotated XDR Schemas (Deprecated in SQLXML 4.0)

Provides an overview of annotated XDR schemas in earlier versions of SQLXML. Note that XDR is deprecated in SQLXML 4.0.

Using Annotations in XDR Schemas (Deprecated in SQLXML 4.0)

Provides explanations and examples of using annotations in XDR schemas.

Using Annotated XDR Schemas in Queries (Deprecated in SQLXML 4.0)

Describes how to use annotated XDR schemas in queries.

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