We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Accessing Server Resources with Server Explorer

This section includes Help pages describing the tasks and user interface elements associated with Server Explorer.

Add Server Dialog Box

Allows you to add a server to the Servers node in Server Explorer.

Byte Array Property Editor

Allows you to edit the content of a message queue or event log entry.

Connect As Dialog Box

Allows you to change the security context with which to log on to the specified server.

Create Message Queue Dialog Box

Allows you to specify a name for a new queue you want to create on a specific server.

Performance Counter Builder Dialog Box

Allows you to create a new performance counter category and specify one or more counters to be placed within it.

How to: Add New Servers in Server Explorer

Describes how to add servers to and delete servers from Server Explorer.

How to: Add Items from Server Explorer

Describes how to add components, such as event logs and message queues, to your project using Server Explorer.

Server Components in Server Explorer

Describes the components you have access to in Server Explorer.

Server Explorer

Server Explorer is the server management console for Visual Studio.