Components in Visual Studio

This topic provides links to more information about component programming in the .NET Framework.

Programming with Components

Provides links to additional information on creating your own components or assembling them from the components in .NET Framework classes.

Extending Design-Time Support

Discusses the extensible architecture provided by the .NET Framework for customizing the behavior and display of components and controls in design mode.

Component Authoring Walkthroughs

Provides links to walkthroughs that show how to create a simple component class.

Component Designer

Provides an overview of the Visual Studio Component Designer.

Server Explorer

Describes the server management console for Visual Studio.

Accessing Server Resources with Server Explorer

Describes the tasks and user interface elements associated with Server Explorer.

Developing Client Applications with the .NET Framework

Discusses how to create traditional Windows-based applications.

ASP.NET Overview

Discusses the Web programming spectrum, from creating HTML pages to developing business functionality that you expose through Internet protocols.