This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MSBuild Advanced Concepts

By using advanced techniques in MSBuild, you can increase the performance and logging capability of the build process. The documents in this section describe how to use those techniques to improve builds, and also how MSBuild integrates with Visual Studio.



Overview of Logging in MSBuild

Explains how to log errors, warnings, and messages during the build process.

MSBuild Batching

Describes how to batch build targets and tasks based on item metadata.

MSBuild Transforms

Explains how to use transforms to enable dependency analysis.

Visual Studio Integration (MSBuild)

Explains how MSBuild integrates with Visual Studio.

Building for Specific Versions of the .NET Framework

Describes tool sets, tool versions, resolving assemblies, multitargeting, and building for multiprocessors.

MSBuild Concepts

Describes the basic XML schema for project files that controls how the build platform  builds software.