This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MSBuild Concepts

Visual Studio 2008

MSBuild lets you create and edit extensible build solutions. Use the following links to learn more about the concepts behind MSBuild.

MSBuild Overview

Describes the general concepts behind the MSBuild file format and how all the pieces fit together.

MSBuild Items

Describes items, which act as inputs to the build system.

MSBuild Properties

Describes how to use property names and values in MSBuild project files.

MSBuild Targets

Explains targets, which define how the MSBuild project is built.

MSBuild Tasks

Describes tasks, which are reusable units of build execution.

MSBuild Advanced Concepts

Describes logging, batching, and transforms.

Building for Specific .NET Framework Versions

Explains how to configure builds to target a specific .NET Framework version.

Using Multiple Processors to Build Projects

Describes how MSBuild can build projects more rapidly in systems that have multiple or multi-core processors.

MSBuild Project File Schema Reference

Describes the elements of the MSBuild project file format.

MSBuild Task Reference

Describes the tasks that are included with MSBuild.

MSBuild Reference

Contains reference information.


Contains topics about how to use the Microsoft build platform that is integrated into Visual Studio.