TemplateGroupID Element (Visual Studio Templates)


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Specifies what kind of project an item templates will show up in. This element is significant when ShowByDefault (Visual Studio Templates) is set to false. When ShowByDefault (Visual Studio Templates) is set to true, then an item template is available in all project types.


<TemplateGroupID> ... </TemplateGroupID>  

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child Elements


Parent Elements

TemplateDataCategorizes the template and defines how it displays in either the New Project or the Add New Item dialog box.

A text value is required.

The text specifies an identifier for a category of item templates.

TemplateGroupID is an element.

The value of the TemplateGroupID element is used along with project system registration (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<version number>\Projects\) to filter templates that appear in the Add New Item dialog box.

Visual C++ ValueMeaning
VC-NativeUsed for native projects. Also the default if a project type can't be determined.
VC-ManagedUsed for managed (/clr) projects
VC-WindowsUsed for all projects that target the windows platform (native/managed/store)
WinRT-Native-UAPUsed for Windows 10 store projects
CodeSharing-NativeUsed for Shared item projects
WinRT-Native-6.3Used for Windows 8.1 Store projects
WinRT-Native-Phone-6.3Used for Windows Phone 8.1 projects
WinRT-NativeUsed for Windows 8.0 Store projects
VC-AndroidUsed for Android projects

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