This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

List Registers Command

Displays the value of the selected registers and lets you modify the list of registers to show.

Debug.ListRegisters [/Display [{register|registerGroup}...]] [/List]
[/Watch [{register|registerGroup}...]]
[/Unwatch [{register|registerGroup}...]]

/Display [{register|registerGroup}...]

Displays the values of the specified register or registerGroup. If no register or registerGroup is specified, the default list of registers is displayed. If no switch is specified, the behavior is the same. For example:

Debug.ListRegisters /Display eax

is equivalent to

Debug.ListRegisters eax


Displays all register groups in the list.

/Watch [{register|registerGroup}...]

Adds one or more register or registerGroup values to the list.

/Unwatch [{register|registerGroup}...]

Removes one or more register or registerGroup values from the list.

The alias r can be used in place of Debug.ListRegisters.

This example uses the Debug.ListRegisters alias r to display the values of the register group Flags.

r /Display Flags