SQL Server Event Provider

The Microsoft SQL Server event provider, implemented within Notification Services, is a scheduled event provider that queries a database for events. If your event data is in a database, the SQL Server event provider is an easy and quick way to get event data into your application.

The SQL Server event provider uses a Transact-SQL query to select data. The results of the query are the events that the event provider submits to the application using the event submission stored procedures.

You define the Transact-SQL query used to gather events. You can also define an additional Transact-SQL query to do post-query processing after gathering event data. These queries are defined as arguments for the event provider.

If you want to use SQL Server data to create your events, but need functionality beyond that of querying a table, develop a custom event provider. For more information, see Developing a Custom Event Provider.

Topic Description

Gathering and Filtering Data for the SQL Server Event Provider

Describes how to write queries for the SQL Server event provider.

Defining a SQL Server Event Provider

Documents the properties and attributes of the SQL Server event provider.

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