Showing the Object Explorer Details Page

SQL Server Management Studio can show a report for each object selected in Object Explorer. This report, called the Object Explorer Details page, is created by Reporting Services, and opens in the document window.

To show the Summary page

  • On the View menu, click Object Explorer Details. The Object Explorer Details page opens, if it is not already open, and comes to the front if it is open in the background.

  • Or, at any time, you can press F7 to display the Object Explorer Details page.

At each level in Object Explorer, the Object Explorer Details page provides the information you are most likely to need about the object. If the list of objects is large, the Object Explorer Details page may take longer to process the information.

There are two views of the Object Explorer Details page. The Details view presents information most likely to be of interest for each object type. The List view presents a list of the objects in the selected node of Object Explorer. Use the List view to multi-select objects when deleting many items.

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