Lesson 3: Retrieving a List of Fields for the Report Definition

Since every report definition should have a list of fields that represent the data in the report, you must generate a fields list from your query.

To generate a fields list

  • Replace the code for the GenerateFieldsList() method in your project with the following code:

public void GenerateFieldsList()
   SqlCommand command;
   SqlDataReader reader;

   // Executing a query to retrieve a fields list for the report
   command = m_connection.CreateCommand();
   m_commandText = 
      "SELECT Person.CountryRegion.Name AS CountryName, Person.StateProvince.Name AS StateProvince " +
      "FROM Person.StateProvince " +
      "INNER JOIN Person.CountryRegion ON Person.StateProvince.CountryRegionCode = Person.CountryRegion.CountryRegionCode " +
      "ORDER BY Person.CountryRegion.Name";
   command.CommandText = m_commandText;
   // Execute and create a reader for the current command
   reader = command.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SchemaOnly);
   // For each field in the resultset, add the name to an array list
   m_fields = new ArrayList();
   for (int i = 0; i <= reader.FieldCount - 1; i++)


Tutorial: Generating RDL Using the .NET Framework

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