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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IDTExtensibility2 Interface

Hosts the event notifications that occur to add-ins, such as when they are loaded, unloaded, updated, and so forth.

Namespace:  Extensibility
Assembly:  Extensibility (in Extensibility.dll)

public interface IDTExtensibility2

The IDTExtensibility2 type exposes the following members.

Public methodOnAddInsUpdateOccurs whenever an add-in is loaded or unloaded from the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Public methodOnBeginShutdownOccurs whenever the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) shuts down while an add-in is running.
Public methodOnConnectionOccurs whenever an add-in is loaded into Visual Studio.
Public methodOnDisconnectionOccurs whenever an add-in is unloaded from Visual Studio.
Public methodOnStartupCompleteOccurs whenever an add-in, which is set to load when Visual Studio starts, loads.

IDTExtensibility2 contains methods that act as events when the interface is implemented. Visual Studio calls these methods whenever an event that affects an add-in occurs, such as when it is loaded or unloaded, whenever a change is made to it, and so forth.

public class Connect : Object, IDTExtensibility2