No rows were deleted.

The selected rows will not be deleted from the database. There are many possible reasons why this can occur, for example, if you delete a row that is involved in a foreign-key relationship. The information on the error message box provides the best guidance as to what exactly has happened.

  • The first sentence tells you the number of the row that could not be deleted. If you were deleting several rows, it will show the number of the first row that could not be deleted.

  • Error Source: is followed by the name of the component that has detected the problem.

  • Error Message: is followed by details about why the rows cannot be deleted from the database.

To correct this error, read the information in the message box (particularly the Error Message text) to try to determine why the rows cannot be deleted. If you still want to delete the rows, use this information to understand what you can change in the table definition that will allow you to delete the rows. For example, if detail rows exist for the master row you want to delete, delete the detail rows first and try deleting the master row again.

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