Options Page, Fonts and Colors Node Properties

This document describes font and color properties for a tool window that is registered to appear under Fonts and Colors in the Environment category of the Options dialog box. This supports the dynamic nature of groups of colorable items, which can change if VSPackages are installed or uninstalled.

The following section shows an example of a registered window type and the properties that are available for each window.

DTE.Properties("FontsAndColors", "TextEditor")


DTE.Properties("FontsAndColors", "Printer")


DTE.Properties("FontsAndColors", "Dialogs and Tool Windows")

Property Item Name




Get/Set (String)

The font name to use, such as "Courier New."


Get/Set (vsFontCharSet)

A vsFontCharSet value, specifying the type of character set to use, such as Hebrew or Russian.


Get/Set (Short)

The size of font to use, in points. For example, 10 or 12.