Options Page, Text Editor Node Properties


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Options Page, Text Editor Node Properties on docs.microsoft.com. This document describes some pages (or properties collections) that are associated with the Text Editor category, DTE.Properties("TextEditor", <Property Page>), of the Options dialog box. The title of each subsection is the call that is used to access the Properties collection, and the table in each subsection lists the properties in the collection.

The Visual Basic macros in Controlling Options Settings demonstrate how to display current options and their values for each page of the Options dialog box.

DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "General")

Property Item NameValueDescription
GoToAnchorAfterEscapeGet/Set (Boolean)If True, pressing escape while there is a selection causes the insertion point to move to where the action that created the selection was initiated. False moves the insertion point to the other end of the selection.
DragNDropTextEditingGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether you can drag a selected region of text from one location to another in the document for copy or cut/paste operations.
HorizontalScrollBarGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether there is a horizontal scrollbar on editor windows.
VerticalScrollBarGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether there is a vertical scroll bar on editor windows.
SelectionMarginGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether there is space at the left of the text pane for special selection operations, drawing breakpoint icons, and so forth.
MarginIndicatorBarGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether there is a vertical line dividing the left margin of the text pane from the main body of the text pane.
UndoCaretActionsGet/Set (Boolean)If True. undo operations include insertion point motion, selection commands, and so forth, in addition to editing actions that modify the buffer.
AutoDelimiterHighlightingGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether typing a closing delimiter causes the editor to highlight the opening delimiter. The editor always bolds the open delimiter regardless of the value of this property.
EditorEmulationGet/Set (Enum)
DetectUTF8WithoutSignatureGet/Set (Boolean)Detects whether a file uses UTF-8 encoding when it does not have an encoding signature.
TrackChangesGet/Set (Boolean)

DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "PlainText")

The PlainText editor options affect the editor settings when text files are edited. Each programming language and Visual Studio package has its own specific Text Editor settings. For example, to view or change the Visual C# editor settings, use DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "CSharp") or DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "CSharp-Specific"). For the SQL Script editor settings, use DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "SQL ").

Property Item NameValueDescription
AutoListMembersGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether an available list of members automatically appears when a user types a period following a variable reference.
AutoListParamsGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether a description of an argument list automatically displays when the users types a "(" following a function name.
HideAdvancedMembersGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether statement completion lists all members or only the commonly used ones.
VirtualSpaceGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether white space characters are displayed as graphics. Setting this to true causes the WordWrap property item (in this list) to be set to false.
WordWrapGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the view wraps long lines at word boundaries. Setting this to true causes the VirtualSpace property item (in this list) to be set to false.
WordWrapGlyphsGet/Set (Boolean)Displays a glyph at the end of a line; this indicates that the line wraps to the next line.
EnableLeftClickForURLsGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the editor underlines URLs and enables a single left-click for jumping to the URL in the system registered Web browser.
IndentStyleGet/Set (vsIndentStyle)Determines the indenting style: Default, Smart, or None.
TabSizeGet/Set (Long)Represents the number of spaces that equal a tab. Setting an integer outside the range 1 to 60 (inclusive) fails.
InsertTabsGet/Set (Boolean)If True, TAB characters are used when indenting.
IndentSizeGet/Set (Long)Represents the number of spaces that equals one indent level. Setting an integer value outside the range 1 to 60 (inclusive) fails.
ShowLineNumbersGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the view of a core editor document displays line numbers along the left margin.
ShowNavigationBarGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the drop-down lists and buttons appear at the top of editor windows.
CutCopyBlankLinesGet/Set (Boolean)Cuts or copies blank lines when they are selected.

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