Options Page, Environment Node Properties


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Options Page, Environment Node Properties on docs.microsoft.com. This document describes the pages (or properties collections) that are associated with the Environment category, DTE.Properties("Environment", <Property Page>), of the Options dialog box. The title of each subsection is the call that is used to access the Properties collection, and the table in each subsection lists the properties in the collection.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "General")

Property Item NameValueDescription
ShowStatusBarGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the status bar is visible.
WindowMenuContainsNItemsGet/Set (Short)Determines how document windows are contained at the bottom of the Windows menu.
MRUListContainsNItemsGet/Set (Short)Determines how many files display in the "Most Recently Used" submenu.
AnimationsGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the integrated development environment (IDE) uses animation in the status bar.
AnimationSpeedGet/Set (Short)
AutoAdjustExperienceGet/Set (Boolean)Automatically adjusts the visual experience depending on the client performance.
RichClientExperienceOptionsGet/Set (Enum)Enables rich client visual experience with values in vsRichClientExperienceOptions.
CloseButtonActiveTabOnlyGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the Close button is shown only on the active tab.
AutohidePinActiveTabOnlyGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the Auto Hide button affects only the active tab.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "AddinMacrosSecurity")

Property Item NameValueDescription
MacrosEnabledGet/Set (Boolean)Allows macros to run.
AddinsEnabledGet/Set (Boolean)Allows add-ins to load.
LoadAddinsFromTheWebGet/Set (Boolean)Allows add-ins to load from a URL on the Web.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "Documents")

Property Item NameValueDescription
ReuseSavedActiveDocWindowGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether opening a new file reuses the current document window if the current document is saved. false means always open a new document window for each document opened.
DetectFileChangesOutsideIDEGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the environment automatically reloads files opened in the IDE when the operating system notifies the IDE that the files have been modified on disk.
AutoloadExternalChangesGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether detected external modifications to open documents automatically reload the modified file if the open document is not modified. If the open document is modified and this property is true, then the IDE prompts as if this property were false.
InitializeOpenFileFromCurrentDocumentGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the OpenFile command seeds the directory and file name from the last active document, or from the last place you opened a file.
MiscFilesProjectSavesLastNItemsGet/Set (Short)Determines how many files the Miscellaneous Files project records. As a result, you can see what you most recently had open as a miscellaneous file on disk when you next use the IDE.
ShowMiscFilesProjectGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the Miscellaneous Files project is shown.
CheckForConsisentLineEndingsGet/Set (Boolean)Checks for consistent line endings on file load.
SaveDocsAsUnicodeWhenDataLossGet/Set (Boolean)Saves documents as Unicode when data cannot be saved in codepage.
DontShowGlobalUndoChangeLossDialogGet/Set (Boolean)Displays a warning when global undo will modify other edited files.
AllowEditingReadOnlyFilesGet/Set (Boolean)Allows editing of read-only files, but give a warning when there is an attempt to save them.
DocumentDockPreferenceGet/Set (Enum)vsDocumentDockPreferenceOptions. Position in the tab well in which to insert opened document.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "ExtensionManager")

Property Item NameValueDescription
EnableAdminExtensionsGet/Set (Boolean)Loads per-user extensions when Visual Studio is run under Administrator credentials. Visual Studio must be restarted after this value is changed.
EnableOnlineGet/Set (Boolean)Enables access to extensions on the Visual Studio Gallery.
AutomaticallyCheckForUpdatesGet/Set (Boolean)Automatically checks for updates to installed extensions.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "FindAndReplace")

Property Item NameValueDescription
ShowWarningMessagesGet/Set (Boolean)Displays warning messages.
InitializeFromEditorGet/Set (Boolean)Automatically populates the Find What box with text from the editor.
ShowMessageBoxesGet/Set (Boolean)Displays informational messages.
HideWindowsAfterMatchFromQuickFindReplaceGet/Set (Boolean)Hides the Find and Replace window after a match is located by using Quick Find or Quick Replace.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "Import and Export Settings")

Property Item NameValueDescription
TrackTeamSettingsGet/Set (Boolean)Uses the settings in the file specified by TeamSettingsFile.
TeamSettingsFileGet/Set (String)Name of file that has team settings.
AutoSaveFileGet/Set (String)Name of file where user settings are automatically saved.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "International")

Property Item NameValueDescription
LanguageGet/Set (String)LCID value for the current language for Visual Studio.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "Keyboard")

Property Item NameValueDescription
SchemeGet/Set (String)Returns a string that contains a built-in scheme, a string containing the full path of the .vsk file that is loaded, or "(Default)" if no .vsk file is loaded.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "ProjectsAndSolution")

Property Item NameValueDescription
OnRunOrPreviewGet/Set (String)Determines whether the IDE saves everything before previewing or running a built project.
ProjectsLocationGet/Set (String)Determines the default directory where the Add Project dialog box saves new projects.
ShowOutputWindowBeforeBuildGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether starting a build displays the Output window.
ShowTaskListAfterBuildGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether an unsuccessful build operation displays the Task List when the build is done.
TrackFileSelectionInExplorerGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the current item is tracked in Solution Explorer.
AlwaysShowSolutionNodeGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether the solution node is displayed.
OnlySaveStartupProjectsAndDependenciesGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether save operations are limited to startup projects and their dependent files.
ShowAdvancedBuildConfigurationsGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether advanced build configurations are displayed.
ConcurrentBuildsGet/Set (String)Determines the maximum number of parallel project builds that can occur.
SaveNewProjectsGet/Set (Boolean)Determines whether new projects are automatically saved after being created.
PromptForRenameSymbolGet/Set (Boolean)Specifies whether to prompt for symbolic renaming when files are renamed.
OnRunWhenErrorsGet/Set (Enum)Specifies the behavior on Run when a build completed with errors.
OnRunWhenOutOfDateGet/Set (Enum)Specifies the behavior on Run when a project is out of date.
ProjectTemplatesLocationGet/Set (String)Directory that contains user project templates.
ProjectItemTemplatesLocationGet/Set (String)Directory that contains user item templates.
DefaultBehaviorForStartupProjectsGet/Set (String)
MSBuildOutputVerbosityGet/Set (String)Specifies the level of verbosity for Build output.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "Startup")

Property Item NameValueDescription
OnStartUpGet/Set (Enum)Action to take at startup, from vsStartUp, with values 0 through 5:

- 0: Open Home Page
- 1: Load last loaded solution
- 2: Show Open Project dialog box
- 3: Show New Project dialog box
- 4: Show empty environment
- 5: Show Start Page
StartPageRSSUrlGet/Set (String)URL for the RSS feed that is used at startup.
StartPageRefreshDownloadedContentGet/Set (Boolean)Refreshes the Start Page after every passage of the interval specified in StartPageRefreshInterval.
StartPageRefreshIntervalGet/Set (Short)Interval in minutes to refresh the Start Page.

DTE.Properties("Environment", "TaskList")

Property Item NameValueDescription
ConfirmTaskDeletionGet/Set (Boolean)Specifies whether a confirmation box displays when deleting tasks from the Task List.
WarnOnAddingHiddenItemGet/Set (Boolean)Specifies whether you are warned when adding a user task that will not be shown.
DontShowFilePathsGet/Set (Boolean)Specifies whether to show full file paths in the Task List.
CommentTokensSafeArrayReturns a SafeArray of comment token values. Each has the fields, Name (string) and Priority (vsTaskPriority, High, Medium, or Low).

DTE.Properties("Environment", "WebBrowser")

Property Item NameValueDescription
HomePageGet/Set (String)Represents the home page URL.
SearchPageGet/Set (String)Represents the search page URL.
ViewSourceInGet/Set (Enum)vsBrowserViewSource (Source, Design, External).
ViewSourceExternalProgramGet/Set (String)The path of the external source viewer.

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