Deploying 64-bit Applications

Both ClickOnce and Windows Installer deployment support the installation of applications on 64-bit platforms. The target platforms are x86 for 32-bit platforms, x64 for machines supporting the AMD64 and EM64T instruction sets, and Itanium for the 64-bit Itanium processor.

For procedures describing how to set up your deployment, see the following topics:

The following table lists the standard redistributables that you can use as prerequisites for your application's installation.

If you select one of the following standard prerequisites, Setup.exe will not be created because the selected packages are not available for the 64-bit platform.

If you select only custom packages, Setup.exe will be built with all the custom redistributable packages.

If you select any of the following prerequisites along with any custom package, a warning will be put in the task list stating that the selected packages are not available for the 64-bit platform, but Setup.exe will be built containing both redistributable packages.


64-bit Support

WoW Support


Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8



MDAC will be installed on the host 64-bit operating system and will not have a redistributable package.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) will only run as a 32-bit process within Windows on Windows.

.NET Framework 2.0



The .NET Framework is 32-bit. It will not be installed by default, but will be available as a download or on the Windows operating system CD-ROM.

Microsoft Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package 2.0



SQL Server Express Edition (SSE) 2005



Windows Installer 2.0



Windows Installer will already be installed as part of the operating system.

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