This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Install Community Components 

If you have saved a community component to your computer from the Web, or received a component from another developer, you must install the component so you can use it within Visual Studio. Components can be starter kits, item templates, controls, code snippets, or add-ins, among others.

Components recognized by Visual Studio use the .vsi file extension and are installed using the Visual Studio Content Installer.

To install a community component

  1. Double-click the .vsi file for the component.

    The Visual Studio Content Installer appears.

  2. Follow the directions in the wizard to install the component.

    Security noteSecurity Note

    It is highly recommended that you read the information in Publisher Status to determine whether or not the control is signed. For further security, click Review to display a list of the files that will be installed on your computer.

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