Error: The Web Server Could Not Find the Requested Resource


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Due to security considerations, IIS has returned a generic error.

One possible cause is the security configuration of the server. IIS 6.0 and earlier versions used an add-on program, known as URLScan, to filter out suspicious and malformed requests. IIS 7.0 has built-in Request Filtering for the same purpose. In both cases, overly restrictive request filtering can prevent Visual Studio from debugging the server.

There are numerous possible causes of this error. A few of the most common causes include a problem with the IIS installation or configuration, the web site configuration, or permissions in the file system. You can try accessing the resource with a browser. Depending on how IIS is configured you might have to use a local browser on the server or inspect the IIS error log to get a detailed error message.

For more information on troubleshooting IIS, see IIS Management and Administration.

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