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Recommended Property Settings

Debugging Preparation: Recommended Property Settings

Certain properties should be set the same way for all unmanaged debugging scenarios.

The following tables display recommended property settings.

Settings not listed here may vary among the different unmanaged project types.

Configuration Properties | C/C++ | Optimization node
Property Name Setting


Set to Disabled (/0d). Optimized code is harder to debug, because the generated instructions do not correspond directly to your source code. If you find your program has a bug that appears only in optimized code, you can turn this setting on, but remember that code shown in the Disassembly window is generated from optimized source that may not match what you see in your source windows. Other features, such as stepping, may not behave as expected.

Configuration Properties | Linker | Debugging node
Property Name Setting

Generate debugging information

You should always set this option to Yes (/DEBUG) to create debugging symbols and files needed for debugging. When the application goes into production, you can set it off.

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