Property Pages Settings for Web Projects


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You can change the property settings for a web site debug configuration in the Property Pages dialog box, as discussed in Debug and Release Configurations. The following tables show where to find debugger-related settings in the Property Pages dialog box.

Configuration Properties folder (Start Options category)

Start ActionHeading that groups options related to application startup.
Use current PageSpecifies the current page as the starting point for debugging.
Specific page:Specifies the Web page where you want to begin debugging.
Start external program:Specifies the command for launching the program you want to debug.
Command line arguments:Specifies arguments for the command specified above.
Working directory:Specifies the working directory of the program being debugged. In Visual C#, the working directory is the directory the application is launched from, \bin\debug by default.
Start URLSpecifies the location of the Web application you want to debug.
Don't open a page. Wait for a request from an external applicationSays to wait for a request from an external application. This option does not launch Internet Explorer or another application. It just prepares for debugging when called by an application.
ServerHeading that groups options related to the server to be used.
Use default Web serverSays to use the default Web server.
Use custom serverAllows you to enter the Base URL to use as the server.
DebuggersHeading that groups options related to type of debugging to be done.
ASP.NET debuggingEnables debugging of server pages written for the ASP.NET development platform. You must specify a URL in Start URL.
Native code debuggingEnables you to debug calls to native (unmanaged) Win32 code from your managed application.
SQL Server debuggingAllows debugging of SQL Server database objects.
Silverlight debuggingAllows debugging of Silverlight components.

Debugger Settings and Preparation