ICLRDebugManager::EndConnection Method

Removes the association between a list of tasks and an identifier and a friendly name.

HRESULT EndConnection (
    [in] CONNID dwConnectionId



[in] The host-specific identifier for the connection and the associated list of common language runtime (CLR) tasks.

HRESULT Description


EndConnection returned successfully.


The CLR has not been loaded into a process, or the CLR is in a state in which it cannot run managed code or process the call successfully.


The call timed out.


The caller does not own the lock.


An event was canceled while a blocked thread or fiber was waiting on it.


An unknown catastrophic failure occurred. After a method returns E_FAIL, the CLR is no longer usable within the process. Subsequent calls to hosting methods return HOST_E_CLRNOTAVAILABLE.


ICLRDebugManager::BeginConnection Method was never called using dwConnectionId, or dwConnectionId was zero.

ICLRDebugManager Interface provides three methods, BeginConnection, ICLRDebugManager::SetConnectionTasks Method, and ICLRDebugManager::EndConnection Method, for associating task lists with identifiers and friendly names.


These three methods must be called in a specific order for each set of tasks. BeginConnection is called first to establish a new connection. SetConnectionTasks is called next to provide the set of tasks to be associated with that connection. EndConnection is called last to remove the association between the task list and the identifier and friendly name.However, calls for different connections can be nested.

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 family

Header: MSCorEE.idl

Library: Included as a resource in MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Version: 2.0