Open and Close a Report

Open and Close a Report (Report Manager)


You can use Report Manager to view reports that have been published to a report server. By default, all reports open in HTML. After a report is open, you can export it to view it in other application formats. If the report contains interactive features or if it is a Report Builder report that contains interactive data, you can click the links to view additional reports or data.

To view a report

  1. Find a report by browsing folders or searching for a report by name. Browse folder contents by clicking a folder name or folder icon in the Contents page. Search for a report by typing all or part of the report name in the Search for text box at the top of the page.

  2. To view a report, click a report name or an icon. The following icon indicates a report:

    Report icon

    Some reports require you to provide either a user name and password or a parameter value

  3. To close the report, close Report Manager or browse to another page or folder (for example, by clicking the Back button or clicking a folder link at the top of the page).

    Closing a report does not remove it from the browser cache. You must close the browser to disconnect the report.

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