CountRows Function (Reporting Services)

Returns the number of rows in the specified scope, including rows with null values.

CountRows(scope, recursive)


(String) The name of a dataset, data region, or group that contains the report items to count. For more information, see Using Built-in Report and Aggregate Functions in Expressions (Reporting Services) and Calculating Totals and Other Aggregates (Reporting Services).


(Enumerated Type) Optional. Simple (default) or RdlRecursive. Specifies whether to perform the aggregation recursively. For more information, see Creating Recursive Hierarchy Groups (Reporting Services).

Returns an Integer.

CountRows counts all rows in the specified scope, including rows that have null values.

The value of scope cannot be an expression and must refer to the current scope or a containing scope.

The following code example shows an expression that calculates the number of rows in a row group named GroupbyCategory (based on the expression [Category]).

="Number of rows: " & CountRows("GroupbyCategory")