How to: Position Labels in a Pie Chart (Report Designer)

You can place point labels on the inside or outside of a pie chart. By default, point labels appear on the inside. To place point labels on the outside, you must select a position.

  1. Using Report Designer, create a pie chart. For more information, see Working with Chart Data Regions.

  2. In Layout view, right-click the chart, and then click Properties.

  3. On the Data tab, in Values, and then click Add or Edit to open the Edit Chart Value dialog box.

  4. On the Point Labels tab, clear Auto, and then select a button other than the center button.

    To set options on this tab, Show point labels must be selected.

    Selecting the top, top right, right, bottom right, bottom, bottom left, left, and top left buttons indicate that the point labels are displayed around the outside of the chart. Selecting Auto or the center button places the point labels inside the chart.

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