Working with Chart Data Regions

When you want to summarize data in a visual format, use the Chart data region. Charts enable you to present large volumes of aggregated information at a glance. It is important to carefully prepare and understand your data before you create a chart, as this will help you design your charts quickly and efficiently.

The following illustration shows many of the different elements used in the chart.

Chart elements diagram

Preparing Data for Display in a Chart Data Region

Describes considerations for changing or preparing the underlying dataset before displaying data on a chart.

Chart Types

Describes all of the chart types and sub-types available in Reporting Services, including considerations and best practices for using various chart types.

Adding Data to a Chart Data Region

Describes how to add data fields to the series and category groups on a chart.

Displaying a Series with Multiple Data Ranges on a Chart

Describes how to add scale breaks to a series that contains more than one range of data.

Displaying Multiple Series on a Chart

Describes several methods of showing multiple series on the same chart, including combining chart types, using the secondary axis, specifying different chart types and using multiple chart areas.