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Set the Language for Report Parameters in a URL


The rs:ParameterLanguage URL access parameter alleviates a problem in which culture-sensitive report parameters, such as dates, times, currency, and numbers, are interpreted using the browser language. With rs:ParameterLanguage, the URL is now interpreted independently of the browser. For example, if the report server is set to a regional setting of German, but a user is accessing a report via a URL using a browser that is set to English-United States, parameter values that are passed to a report server will be misinterpreted.

Consider the following URL to a report:


In the above case, the server, running under a culture of "de-de", generates a URL either through an e-mail subscription or a hyperlink. The hyperlink indicates that the report should be parameterized by a start date of October 4, 2008 and an end date of October 11, 2008 according to German date/time standards. However, a user that is accessing the URL through a browser set to "en-us" forces the server to interpret the values as April 10, 2008 and November 10, 2008 under United States English date/time standards. To fix the problem, rs:ParameterLanguage can be used to override the browser language for parameter interpretation:


In addition to a value of true and false for the URL access parameter rc:Parameters, you can now pass a value of Collapsed. When using rc:Parameters=Collapsed on a URL, the parameter prompt area of the HTML viewer is collapsed out of sight, but can still be toggled by the user. A value of false removes the parameter prompt area from the HTML viewer toolbar and makes it unavailable to the end-user.

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