Using the IDeliveryReportServerInformation Interface for a Delivery Extension

The IDeliveryReportServerInformation interface exposes several properties that you can use to retrieve information about a report server. You can use this information to deliver notifications and reports. When implementing your delivery extension class, you implement the ReportServerInformation property as required by the IDeliveryExtension interface. The ReportServerInformation property returns an object that implements the IDeliveryReportServerInformation interface. From this object you can get a list of rendering extensions currently supported by the report server.

The following for loop could be used to store a list of rendering extensions currently available on the report server in an ArrayList object.

ArrayList renderFormats = new ArrayList();
foreach (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.Extension e in ReportServerInformation.RenderingExtension)
   if (e.Visible)

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