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Search a Report Using URL Access

Topic Status: Some information in this topic is preview and subject to change in future releases. Preview information describes new features or changes to existing features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

You can search a report for a specific set of text using URL access. To search a report, set the value of the rc:FindString parameter on the URL equal to the text for which you want to search. Additionally, use the rc:StartFind and rc:EndFind parameters to narrow your search to specific pages within the report.

The following URL access example searches for the first occurrence of the text "Mountain-400" in the Product Catalog sample report starting with page one and ending with page five:

http://server/Reportserver?/SampleReports/Product Catalog&rs:Command=Render&rc:StartFind=1&rc:EndFind=5&rc:FindString=Mountain-400

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