Script with the rs.exe Utility and the Web Service

Script with the rs.exe Utility and the Web Service

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Developers and report server administrators can perform operations on a report server through the use of the rs utility (RS.exe). Using this utility, you can programmatically administer a report server using scripts written with Microsoft Visual Basic. 

Reporting Services scripts can be used to run any of the Report Server Web service operations. Scripting can be used to copy security to multiple reports on a server, to add and delete items, to copy report server items from one server to another and more. For more information about the scripting environment, see Run a Reporting Services Script File. Script files take a certain format and are written in Visual Basic .NET. For more information, see Format a Reporting Services Script File.

For script samples, see the following:

Sample Reporting Services rs.exe Script to Copy Content between Report Servers .

SQL Server Reporting Services Product Samples.

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