Transaction.EnlistVolatile Method (ISinglePhaseNotification, EnlistmentOptions)


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Enlists a volatile resource manager that supports single phase commit optimization to participate in a transaction.

Namespace:   System.Transactions
Assembly:  System.Transactions (in System.Transactions.dll)

Public Function EnlistVolatile (
	singlePhaseNotification As ISinglePhaseNotification,
	enlistmentOptions As EnlistmentOptions
) As Enlistment


Type: System.Transactions.ISinglePhaseNotification

An object that implements the ISinglePhaseNotification interface that must be able to receive single phase commit and two phase commit notifications.

Type: System.Transactions.EnlistmentOptions

EnlistDuringPrepareRequired if the resource manager wants to perform additional work during the prepare phase.

Return Value

Type: System.Transactions.Enlistment

An Enlistment object that describes the enlistment.

Volatile resource managers cannot recovery from failure to complete a transaction in which they were participating. To obtain a durable enlistment in a transaction, use the EnlistDurable method. For more information on volatile and durable resources, as well as how to enlist a resource, see Implementing A Resource Manager. For more information on how a resource manager responds to commit notification and prepare the commit, see Committing A Transaction In Single-Phase and Multi-Phase.

You should note that even when your resource manager implementation enlists with this method, it is not guaranteed that it receives a single phase commit. The transaction manager can still send two phase commit notifications instead. For more information on the single phase commit optimization, see Optimization Using Single Phase Commit and Promotable Single Phase Notification.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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