/*...*/ (Comment)

/*...*/ (Comment) (MDX)

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Indicates comment text that is provided by the user.

/* Comment_Text */    


The string that contains the text of the comment.

The server does not evaluate the text between the comment characters, /* and */. Comments can be inserted on a separate line or within a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) statement. Multiple-line comments must be indicated by /* and */.

There is no maximum length for comments. Comments can be nested; for example, /* Test /*Comment*/ Text*/ is an example of a nested comment.

The following example demonstrates the use of this operator.

/* This member returns the gross profit margin for product types
  and reseller types crossjoined by year. */
    [Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].Members *
    [Reseller].[Reseller Type].Children ON 0,
    [Product].[Category].[Category].Members ON 1
FROM /* Select from the Adventure Works cube. */
    [Adventure Works]
    [Measures].[Gross Profit Margin]

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