MDX Syntax Conventions (MDX)

The diagrams for Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) syntax in the MDX Language Reference use these conventions.

Convention Usage


Indicates user-supplied arguments of MDX syntax.

| (vertical bar)

Separates syntax items within brackets or braces. You can select only one of the items.

[ ] (brackets)

Indicates optional syntax items. Do not type the brackets.

[,] ...n

Indicates that the preceding item can be repeated any number of times. The items are sometimes separated by commas.

<label> ::=

Indicates the name for a block of syntax. This convention is used to group and label portions of lengthy syntax or a unit of syntax that can be used in more than one place within a statement. Each location in which the block of syntax can be used is indicated with the label enclosed in angle brackets: <label>.

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