Breaking Changes to Full-Text Search


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

This topic describes breaking changes in full-text search. These changes might break applications, scripts, or functionalities that are based on earlier versions of SQL Server. You might encounter these issues when you upgrade.



Collation Changed for name Column in sys.fulltext_languages

The collation of the language name column in the catalog view sys.fulltext_languages (Transact-SQL) has been changed from the fixed collation of the Resource database to the default collation selected for the instance of SQL Server. This change makes it possible to compare the values in the name column when you join the sys.syslanguages (Transact-SQL) view with sys.fulltext_languages. For example, you can query for all the databases where the default full-text language is different from the default database language.

Behavior Changes to Full-Text Search
Full-Text Search