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How to: Install Analysis Services on a Failover Cluster

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

You can install Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services on a failover cluster that benefits from Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) to provide superior reliability.

This topic and the other Analysis Services installation how-to topics in this section focus only on installation options that are specific to Analysis Services. However, these topics provide links to other topics for more information about installation of SQL Server.

The SQL Server Analysis Services Instance Rename tool is not supported for use in a cluster environment.

  1. Before you start installation, review Installing SQL Server Analysis Services by Using Setup to understand the options that are specific to Analysis Services that you will have to select during Setup.

  2. Review the information and complete the prerequisites that are specific to cluster installation. Be prepared to provide a virtual server instance name and IP address for the clustered Analysis Services installation that is unique and distinct from the names and IP addresses of the cluster itself and from the nodes in the cluster.

  3. The steps to install SQL Server Analysis Services on a failover cluster, and the pages of the SQL Server Installation Wizard that are specific to a cluster installation, are the same for Analysis Services as for the SQL Server Database Engine. Follow the steps described to run the Installation Wizard. Make selections that are appropriate for Analysis Services on the Components to Install, Instance Name, Service Account, and Collation Settings pages, as discussed in Installing SQL Server Analysis Services by Using Setup.

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