Inquiring About the Full-Text Key Column

To determine whether the regular Microsoft SQL Server index on the Document table in the Adventure Works database is used to enforce the uniqueness of the full-text key column, run the following statement:

  1. Run this statement:
    USE AdventureWorks
    SELECT INDEXPROPERTY ( OBJECT_ID('Production.Document'), 'PK_Document_DocumentID',  'IsFulltextKey' )
    This returns a value of 1 if the index is used to enforce uniqueness of the full-text key column, and 0 if it does not.
  2. To find the identifier of the full-text key column in the Document table execute this statement:
    USE AdventureWorks;
    SELECT OBJECTPROPERTYEX(OBJECT_ID('Production.Document'), 'TableFulltextKeyColumn');

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