This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CellProperty Methods

(see also Protected Methods )
  Name Description
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Equals Overloaded. Overridden.
Determines whether two instances of Object are equal.
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetHashCode Overridden.
Serves as a hash function for a particular type, for use in hashing algorithms and data structures such as hash tables.
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetType  (inherited from Object )
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ms142188.static(en-US,SQL.90).gif op_Equality
Determines whether two specified instances of CellProperty are equal.
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ms142188.static(en-US,SQL.90).gif op_Inequality
Determines whether two specified instances of CellProperty have different values.
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ms142188.static(en-US,SQL.90).gif ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
ms142188.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ToString Overridden.
Returns a String that represents the current Object.

  Name Description
ms142188.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Finalize  (inherited from Object )
ms142188.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object )