How to: Deploy Packages to the File System

This procedure describes how to deploy SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) packages to the file system, using the default location specified by the Package Installation Wizard.

Before you can run the Package Installation Wizard you must copy the deployment folder, which was created when you built a deployment utility, to the target computer. For more information, see Creating a Deployment Utility.

To become better acquainted with the concepts explained in this section, see Deploying Packages Tutorial.

  1. Open the deployment folder on the target computer.

  2. Double-click the manifest file, <project name>.SSISDeploymentManifest, to start the Package Installation Wizard.

  3. On the Deploy SSIS Packages page, select the File system deployment option.

  4. Optionally, select Validate packages after installation to validate the packages after they are installed on the target server.

  5. On the Select Installation Folder page, specify the folder in which to install packages and package dependencies.

  6. If the package includes configurations, you can edit updatable configurations by updating values in the Value list on the Configure Packages page.

  7. If you elected to validate packages after installation, view the validation results of the deployed packages.