Importing and Exporting Packages

Packages can be saved either in the sysdtspackages90 table in the SQL Server msdb database or in the file system.

The package store, which is the logical storage that Integration Services service monitors and manages, can include both the msdb database and the file system folders specified in the configuration file for the Integration Services service.

You can import and export packages between the following storage types:

  • File system folders anywhere in the file system.
  • Folders in the SSIS Package Store. The two default folders are named File System and MSDB.
  • The SQL Server msdb database.

Integration Services gives you the ability to import and export packages, and by doing this change the storage format and location of packages. Using the import and export features, you can add packages to the file system, package store, or msdb database, and copy packages from one storage format to another. For example, packages saved in msdb can be copied to the file system and vice versa.

You can also copy a package to a different format using the dtutil command prompt utility. For more information, see dtutil Utility.

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