Numeric Data Formats

Fast parse provides a fast, simple, locale-insensitive set of routines for parsing data. Fast parse supports only a limited set of formats for integer data types.

The integer data types that Integration Services provides are DT_I1, DT_UI1, DT_I2, DT_UI2, DT_I4, DT_UI4, DT_I8, and DT_UI8. For more information, see Integration Services Data Types.

Fast parse supports the following formats for integer data types:

  • Zero or more leading and trailing spaces or tab stops. For example, the value " 123 " is valid. A value that is all spaces evaluates to zero.

  • A leading plus sign, minus sign, or neither. For example, the values +123, -123, and 123 are valid.

  • One or more Hindu-Arabic numerals (0-9). For example, the value 345 is valid. Other language numerals are not supported.

Non-supported data formats include the following:

  • Special characters. For example, the currency character $ is not supported, and the value $20 cannot be parsed.

  • White-space characters such as line feed, carriage returns, and non-breaking spaces. For example, the value " 123" cannot be parsed.

  • Hexadecimal representations of integers. For example, the value 2EE cannot be parsed.

  • Scientific notation representation of integers. For example, the value 1E+10 cannot be parsed.

The following formats are output data formats for integers:

  • A minus sign for negative numbers and nothing for positive ones.

  • No white spaces.

  • One or more Hindu-Arabic numerals (0-9).

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