SQUARE (SSIS Expressions)

Returns the square of a numeric expression.



Is a numeric expression of any numeric data type. For more information, see Integration Services Data Types.

SQUARE returns a null result if the argument is null.

The argument is cast to the DT_R8 data type before the square operation.

This example returns the square of 12. The return result is 144.


This example returns the square of the result of subtracting values in two columns. If Value1 contains 12 and Value2 contains 4, the SQUARE function returns 64.

SQUARE(Value1 - Value2)

This example returns the length of the third side of a right angle triangle by applying the SQUARE function to two variables and then calculating the square root of their sum. If Side1 contains 3 and Side2 contains 4, the SQRT function returns 5.

SQRT(SQUARE(@Side1) + SQUARE(@Side2))

In expressions, variable names always include the @ prefix.

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