How to: Set Properties of Integration Services Service Using the Services Snap-in

This procedure describes how to configure the Integration Services service that manages and monitors packages in SQL Server Management Studio. When you first install SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), the service is started automatically by default.

  1. In Control Panel, if you are using Classic View, click Administrative Tools, or, if you are using Category View, click Performance and Maintenance and then click Administrative Tools.

  2. Click Services.

  3. In the Services snap-in, locate SQL Server Integration Services in the list of services, right-click SQL Server Integration Services, and then click Properties.

  4. In the SQL Server Integration Services Properties dialog box you can do the following:

    • Click the General tab. To enable the service, select either the manual or automatic startup type. To disable the service, select Disable in the Startup type box. Selecting Disable does not stop the service if it is currently running.
      If the service is already enabled, you can click Stop to stop the service, or click Start to start the service.
    • Click the Log On tab to view the logon information.
    • Click the Recovery tab to view the default computer responses to service failure. You can modify these options to suit your environment.
    • Click the Dependencies tab to view a list of dependent services. The Integration Services service has no dependencies.
  5. Click OK.

  6. Optionally, if the startup type is Manual or Automatic, you can right-click SQL Server Integration Services and click Start, Stop, or Restart.

  7. On the File menu, click Exit to close the Services snap-in.

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