Designing and Implementing Packages (Integration Services)

Use the topics in this section to learn how to work with the Integration Services data types, how to create basic packages by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard and SSIS Designer, and how to enhance package functionality by implementing Integration Services features such as logging, property expressions, and checkpoints.

Understanding the Components of an Integration Services Package

Describes the objects that Integration Services provides to build Integration Services packages. Also, explains how the objects work together in the package workflow and how these objects can extend package functionality.

Designing Packages in Business Intelligence Development Studio

Describes the tasks that you typically perform when you create Integration Services packages in SSIS Designer.

Working with Data in Data Flows

Describes the Integration Services data types, parsing options, and string comparison options.

Adding Advanced Features to Packages

Describes the features that you can use to extend the functionality of Integration Services packages.

Designing and Implementing Packages: How-To Topics

Describes how to use the tools that Integration Services provides to create, modify, extend, and deploy packages. Also, describes how to use the data sources and data source views that packages use.

Designing and Implementing Packages Tutorials

Describes the Integration Services tutorials that help you learn about the Business Intelligence Development Studio environment. 

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