Query Builder (SSIS)

Query Builder provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for creating SQL queries. You can access Query Builder from the Execute SQL task, OLE DB sources and destinations, and the Lookup transformation.

You can use Query Builder to perform the following tasks:

  • Working with a graphical representation of a query or with SQL commands. Query Builder includes a pane that displays your query graphically and a pane that displays the SQL text of your query. You can work in either the graphical pane or the text pane. Query Builder synchronizes the views so that they are always current.
  • Joining related tables. If you add more than one table to your query, Query Builder automatically determines how the tables are related and constructs the appropriate join command.
  • Querying or updating databases. You can use Query Builder to return data by using Transact-SQL SELECT statements and to create queries that update, add, or delete records in a database.
  • Viewing and editing results immediately. You can run your query and work with a recordset in a grid that allows you to scroll through and edit records in the database.

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